Cannes Day 2

More meetings but more good food with great company on the second day of being in Cannes, France for the annual convention.

From June 6, 2018.


A Sunny Day in Paris with Snow Melting Away (for the Time Being)

Another day of work in Paris during the first week of February, 2018 but I was unexpectedly given the morning off by my sponsor so went out and about in the sunny city where snow was melting away (little did we know of what was coming), walking in the neighborhood and trying to find spices my bestie had asked me to buy for her.  Lunch and dinner meetings with a showcase inbetween were both at uniquely Paris bistros.

Happened on February 8, 2018.


Cuisines of the World in Tokyo: a Kurdish Night

My two very good friends and I go out every month to try a new cuisine that is foreign (to us) and regional (with a couple of seasonal exceptions) and preferably run by someone local from the particular region and we have been doing this since I can’t remember when – maybe in the last five or six years and we are running out of regions to visit.

This past January our theme was Kurdish cuisine and we visited a Kurdish restaurant called “Mesopotamia” in Itabashi, Tokyo.

Visited on January 7, 2018.

New Year’s Eve in Auckland, New Zealand

How we spent our day (and night) on New Year’s Eve, 2017, in Auckland, New Zealand.

Breakfast, public library, cemetery, around town, lunch, around town again, dinner with the best pizza in town to go (just downstairs from our apartment), and TV in apartment with pizza and wine which was equivalent of TV at home with soba and sake, how it always is on New Year’s Eve.  Fireworks (audio only ^^) at midnight.






Happened on December 31, 2017.