Staying in East London

After attending a convention in Cannes, France, I was headed for London to take care of more business.  I stayed in this hotel as it was our business partner’s choice.  Very small rooms but efficient and great for a short stay and convenient for going to the O2 which was on my agenda.

From June 8 to 9, 2018.


Sparkling Wine from China

I always thought plain “Chandon” (as opposed to “Moët Chandon” from Champagne, France but still belonging to the same group of companies LVMH) came from Australia as that is what we see in Japan.  But upon my visit to Xi’an, China, I discovered that there was such thing as Domaine Chandon China.  Tried it on a couple of occasions partly because drinking wine in China is very challenging while being pricey.  I thought this was the safest choice and it was.  And apparently there is also Domaine Chandon India.

Happened on March 31 and April 1, 2018.


Lunching One Final Time in Chablis and Going Home

I had not planned to dine at this restaurant but after doing a bit of research decided it was appropriate for my final meal not just in Chablis but in France on my recent business-with-a-bit-of-fun-thrown-in trip.

I never knew that smoked salmon with properly sweet macaron could be so good but was also reminded that too much foie gras is never great.  ^^

Visited on February 12, 2018.

A Sunny Day in Paris with Snow Melting Away (for the Time Being)

Another day of work in Paris during the first week of February, 2018 but I was unexpectedly given the morning off by my sponsor so went out and about in the sunny city where snow was melting away (little did we know of what was coming), walking in the neighborhood and trying to find spices my bestie had asked me to buy for her.  Lunch and dinner meetings with a showcase inbetween were both at uniquely Paris bistros.

Happened on February 8, 2018.