A Traditional House Visit and Lunching in Berat

A visit to the 18th-century traditional house turned into an ethnographic museum where the kind guide is a direct descendant of the original family that owned the Berat-Albania house.  A relaxing lunch followed (at a different location).

From May 1, 2018.



A Coffee Stop Before Reaching Dunedin

I had done some research before we set off on our New Zealand South Island road trip from Queenstown to Dunedin but except for the lunch stop in Clyde, I didn’t really know if we were going to make any other stops along the way.  The fast-paced driving (at 100 kph which is much faster than what we are used to in Japan) however was wearing me out so we turned off at a rest area and found this cute cafe (unrelated to the rest area) in even a smaller village than the first one.

Happened on January 4, 2018.