Cannes Day 3

I used to stay in Cannes for six nights straight in the past but due to changes in the industry, three nights has become just enough to get everything done.  My final day in Cannes, France for 2018.

From June 7, 2018


Lunching One Final Time in Chablis and Going Home

I had not planned to dine at this restaurant but after doing a bit of research decided it was appropriate for my final meal not just in Chablis but in France on my recent business-with-a-bit-of-fun-thrown-in trip.

I never knew that smoked salmon with properly sweet macaron could be so good but was also reminded that too much foie gras is never great.  ^^

Visited on February 12, 2018.

Andouillette of Chablis

Being a typical dish of Chablis, I had to try the andouillette, “a variety of chitterling sausage made from pork intestine and is usually pan-fried or simmered”.  It was in a casual cafe type of place I did so and I’m not sure if the taste would have been more subtle and refined if it were in a more upscale restaurant but this was good in its own way.


Happened on February 11, 2018.