Food Experiences Next to the Terracotta Warriors

Lunching in the vicinity of the terracotta warriors.  Missing homemade noodle shops which were quite prominent amongst other food vendors and eateries.

Had the Xi’an version of a hamburger or “roujiamo” followed by a chestnut soft-serve from the McDonald’s which almost felt fitting… ^^

Visited on March 31, 2018.


Visiting the “Terracotta Warriors”

A visit to the site of China’s first emperor’s mausoleum who lived in the third century BC or more precisely the “terracotta army” guarding it, discovered only in 1974, was my purpose for going to Xi’an, China at the end of March.  The vast collection of life-size terracotta warriors with no one same face is just amazing especially when you step into “Pit 1”, the biggest of the three “pits”.  All pix of the terracotta statues here are from Pit 1.


Visited March 31, 2018.


Going on a Weekend Getaway to Xi’an, China

I took the last Friday of March and the first Monday of April off from work to spend a long weekend in Xi’an, China.  China is such a huge country that you possibly cannot see everything in one go even if you had a month vacation time but Japan’s proximity to it gives us somewhat of an advantage and I occasionally do extended weekend visits.

There are direct flights between Tokyo and Xi’an but because of airline alliance, etc. and change of schedule by the airline beyond my control, I took a rather long journey to my destination spending a whole day travelling which included changing airports in Shanghai.  Wasn’t simple but I got there in the end.

Happened on March 30, 2018.

Lunching One Final Time in Chablis and Going Home

I had not planned to dine at this restaurant but after doing a bit of research decided it was appropriate for my final meal not just in Chablis but in France on my recent business-with-a-bit-of-fun-thrown-in trip.

I never knew that smoked salmon with properly sweet macaron could be so good but was also reminded that too much foie gras is never great.  ^^

Visited on February 12, 2018.